When Life Seemed Easy

U ( Universal ) | English | Biography | Fantasy | Urban | 8M

As my initial venture in animation this film, came out as an auto-biographical piece, it is about recollecting childhood and seeing the today’s world with an adult’s perspective. It was screened on 24th sep 2017 at Chitrakatha international student animated film festival.

Presented By

Mainak Mitra

Hello, I am Mainak, I like to draw and think of stories. Currently pursuing a post graduation degree in Animation, from the IDC school of Design, IIT BOMBAY. Earlier, I had been studying Visual arts for four years from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU Baroda. I aspire to keep my practice alive as an Artist in the fields of graphic narrations (Graphic novel, Animation, Cinema, Mix media). My goal is to produce some worthy visual literature.