Let Me Live

U/A ( Universal Adult ) | Hindi | Social | 4M

This movie is trying to show & tell that trees are the most important things on earth for maintaining the nature. A mentally disabled person understood and knows that if we don't aware of this, if we all don't speak about the cutting trees then the no one wouldn't be able to be alive in the world. And it's going to be a big problem in the future. So, we all have to think and take a positive steps about on this serious issue.

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The Story Teller Production Studio

The Story Teller Production Studio has just started its journey. We are based in West Bengal, India. 29th July 2019, we have stepped into this field. Though we are a small unit now we are big ambitious minds for our future. From that time we can't go so much because of this pandemic situation but we believe that the world will overcome from it & come back into normal life as was before. We have to go far far away. Whatever we make we always try to give some social messages & social awareness positively. Only we can make a safe & secure & better world for living for us for everyone. We wish & hope you all will be with us. Thank you so much. Stay Safe Stay Blessed always 🙏