Dark Road Posession

U/A - 7+ ( All Above 7 Years ) | Hindi | Mystery | 30M

An infamous dark road in the town is rumored to be possessed by the girl's ghost who died while saving herself from eve-teasing. In the same town there are 3 friends; one of them goes via that road daily. He meets someone on that dark road one night. The story takes twists and turn with the fusion of a love story and paranormal elements, encapsulating social messages like Right to Equality, Right to freedom of movement, Right to protection of life, dignity, personal liberty and justice.

Presented By

Surreal Reels Creation & Random Simile Talkies

A film creation company, which believes in making sensible films with good writing and concept. Apart from that, we strive for good music and cinematography to capture the visual beauty. The name surreal reels comes from the surreal nature of life and existence itself. The first film, made under this production is Dark Road Possession.